The leather we use

Leather is a very wayward material. It’s hard to work with him, but the result is worth it. Leather products are durable, durable and have an excellent visual effect.

People began to use leather of animals in the times of the primitive communal system. Initially it was vital, now it is a very practical and high-quality attribute. Accessories, gloves, shoes and more are made of leather.

The process by which the leather becomes suitable for making a product is called tanning. This process preserves leather, which otherwise quickly decomposes.

For the manufacture of products, we use bovine leather, as well as calf – smooth leather, croc-embossed leather, textured leather and exotic leather (ostrich, crocodile, slope)

Elephant embossed bull leather. Bag “Elephant”.
Bull leather.

Bull leather is used for massive bags – it is more durable and durable in comparison with calf leather. Due to its density, it retains its shape well and does not lose its original appearance. It is also a great way to use bull leather – making belts.

Crocodile leather.

Crocodile leather is often used to make custom made straps. It is strong and aesthetically attractive, also gives a special charm to the clock. Crocodile leather is dense, somewhat rough. Wallets made of crocodile leather – definitely attract the view due to its unique texture.

Ostrich leather.

Ostrich leather is soft and tender. It is pleasant to hold it in hands, it causes good tactile sensations. It makes great small and medium wallets.

Stingray leather.

Stingray is unique, its appearance immediately attracts the eye. Various products are made of it, both straps and wallets. It shines incredibly and shimmers in the sun.

Croc-embossed leather.

Imitation texture of this crocodile. The pattern is usually cyclical and has no creases. Products made of crocodile leather look unusual, its surface is slightly raised and beautifully reflects light.

Smooth leather.

The most common and classic leather type used is smooth. Products look restrained and tasteful.

Textured leather.

Incredibly practical, comfortable and plus to everything – soft. Most of our products are also made of textured leather.

Sergio leather.
Sergio leather.

Sergio leather – most recently appeared in our product range, but has already won over many with its unusual appearance. The glossy effect that this skin creates will not leave anyone indifferent!




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