The Black Quail Winter Gloves Collection

TBQ gloves

Leather gloves – one of the main innovations of the past 2018 and the year 2019. The collection is presented from both male and female models of leather gloves. Gloves are made by masters of genuine sheep leather. As a lining, we used cotton and fur, which was used for warm-weather gloves for keeping your hands warm and safe. Sheep skin is soft, elastic and pleasant to the touch.

Long gloves

We presented women’s gloves in several versions and colors. In stock leather women’s gloves for driving in black and claret flowers. They will give your image a little boldness and sharpness. Classical models and long gloves of two types: two-color and monophonic models.

“Kapalak” gloves

The Kapalak glove model is minimalistic and neat. It has pronounced folds.

“Eva” Gloves 

Eva is a very feminine and sophisticated glove model. Presented in the same light brown color. Uniform geometric pattern will not leave your Ladies indifferent.

Bicolor gloves

Two-color gloves at the moment we presented in one combination – black + orange. The orange part is made of nubuck leather, exposed to chrome tanning and polishing of the front surface.

In our collection you can see three types of men’s gloves: a classic model with fur, a classic model and a model for driving.

Driving gloves

Driving gloves are a very convenient way to keep your hands warm and to drive comfortably. You can also wear them in everyday life – they perfectly complement the image.

Classic “Willie” Gloves

And the classic male model of gloves, which is somewhat familiar, but always looks very stylish and attracts attention.

Gloves will be a great gift for you and your loved ones, because they are made with awe and love.

The collection of gloves can be found in the Shota Rustaveli 34 branch, the main landmarks of the store are the Sherbet restaurant and the Bosch store. Gloves are presented in a standard dimensional grid – S, M, L. You can contact the store at number +998951460900.




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