Stefano Parrini & The Black Quail

Stefano Parrini, the guru of leather works has visited The Black Quail’s team workshop. All week long he worked with our team and personally taught our masters the art of hand stitching. Thanks to this outstanding person’s many years of experience in leather field, The Black Quail team will reach to a new level and in the near future will please you with new solutions worthy of your attention.


” Knowing that the best masters in the world in leather goods are Italians, I decided to apply through my marketing agent to the Riaci Academy in Florence, where I met and then invited the leatherworking guru Stefano Parrini to Uzbekistan. My task is to strive to improve the leather craftsmanship in our country, to interest and attract larger enterprises to work, to enter the world market and to contribute to the history of the development of this beautiful art in Uzbekistan. We have already begun to take the first steps in this direction by inviting Stefano Parrini to the first master class, where our team learns and learns the secrets of mastery. ”

– Pakhlavon Turdiev


“The Black Quail company employs the right guys, striving to improve every day. Speaking with Pahlavon these days, I noticed that he does not speak about the achieved successes, but makes big plans and seeks to find the best material, the best equipment and teach his team all the secrets of leather workmanship. This is a good indicator, and it makes me happy. I see a lot of potential. ”

– Stefano Parrini

Stefano Parrini
Stefano Parrini & Abror



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