Silk Scarves The Black Quail

When creating bright Scarves of The Black Quail, we were inspired by oriental poetry, miniature of Iran and, of course, modern art of the West. Tenderness and passion, color and abstraction – all these are The Black Quail shawls.

Given our specialization in genuine leather, the decision to create scarves for many was a big surprise. They have become an absolute adornment for our customers.

The advantage of Scarves is that they do not have to be worn on themselves, for example, in very hot or too cool weather. In this case, they will be the perfect decoration for your bag or backpack.

Beautiful Diyora in a Scarves from The Black Quail

The author of prints for our Scarves is our art director – Sardor Erkinov.

At the moment there are 2 types of scarves in the collection – Bedana and Leyli. In the future there will be other variations of these beautiful products.

Bedana – represents the main symbol of our brand, and as inspiration for us were bright ambitions and far-reaching plans.


Leyli – we created it, inspired by oriental poetry. Since this legacy has had a very big impact on us.




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