Friends of TBQ – Marivi

Marivi is an incredibly inspiring and open person.
The fire that burns in the eyes of people who really live by what they do is not to be confused with anything. And we see it in the eyes of Marivi!

Bright and cheerful

She is a designer, creates incredible ideas and models, develops furniture design with elements of national style – suzanes. This is her main inspiration. She believes that with the help of products decorated with incredible and unusual suzane, you can transfer culture, introduce other peoples to the heritage of our people.
Marivi believes that each product should have its own history, idea. This is not only a thing, it is something special, in which the soul and heart are embedded.
Products gain new life under its strict guidance.
When guests or close friends of Marivi visit our sunny Uzbekistan – it makes every effort to discover all its facets, discover from the new side and show many wonderful features that we possess. Therefore, we are grateful to her for the invaluable contribution that she makes to culture and fashion.


Marivi is familiar with our brand since its first steps. She always emphasizes that with great love and warmth applies to our business. We are very grateful to her for the emotions that she gives us and with pleasure we give positive emotions to her.
Our clients are inspired by us! Their emotions, feelings. This time, it was Marivi who inspired us to create our new bag! And supporting the tradition of naming bags by customer names, we named the bag in her honor.




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