TBQ Family – Abror.


Abror is one of our very first employees. He stood at the very origins of the brand and made an invaluable contribution to its development.
With our founder, Pakhlavon, Abror is familiar with the distant 2010.

Attention to details

When Pakhlavon was inspired by the idea of creating his brand, he was looking for capable and hard-working employees, and Abror was one of them. The first works of Abror liked Pakhlavon very much, so he immediately invited him to his place. The very first product made by Abror is a woven bracelet. Further, he began to make purses, belts, bags and passport covers.


Now Abror is a jack of all trades. His unsurpassed experience and responsiveness help everyone in our team to develop and move forward.

Responsibility and concentration