TBQ belts for him and her.

Belts – an unconditional and almost indispensable attribute of almost every one of us. We wear them every day with jeans, pants and even dresses, so it is extremely important to find a good and durable belt.

ELLIE belts for him and her

Belts are made from bull leather. Its main advantage is that it is more dense and strong, so it will serve you longer. Leather for the manufacture of belts, we use local – Uzbek, as well as Turkish and Italian.


Also in our new collection are not only belts, but also belts that can be worn at the waist.


We would also like to note a rather unusual belt from our collection – 2 in 1. It has a functional buckle that can be turned over, therefore, since the belt is on two sides of different colors (black / brown) them, depending on the image or situations can be changed.

2 in 1 belt

Belts can be found at the link below:


To order, you need to choose the color of the belt, its size (in centimeters they are listed in the description) and place an order. Or you can choose a belt directly in one of our stores.