Product Birth at The Black Quail

We all know for a long time that the manufacture of our favorite products is an incredibly time-consuming process involving a very large number of people. In this article we want to demonstrate to you visually, as well as to tell you what path the product goes before getting into your hands.

To begin with – a design that is thought out to the smallest detail by our ideological inspirer and favorite leader, Pakhlavon Turdiyev, because the product must be not only beautiful, but also high-quality, convenient, therefore everything must be carefully thought out. Quality, functionality and design are the main components of the future product. It remains only to come up with a model and pick up the leather that is ideal for the product.


The choice of leather.

Then our masters choose the best area of the leather so that the product is flawless. Identified defects and benefits of the selected leather area.


Detection of defects.

Next – you need to prepare blanks for further production. For each of our products there are special knives – they are installed on the leather, and then, under the press, cut through the part of the desired shape. The main thing here – do not make mistakes with the calculations and smoothly cut the part.

leather The Black Quail

Cutting blanks.

Individual parts are ready and sent to the next stage – branding. We have our own cliches, you could notice them on the products – this is our logo, the slogan “Born in Uzbekistan” and, of course, our favorite national “Bodom”. Under the heat press they press the right embossing on the leather. We also use special silver foil to make the embossing more colorful!

leather The Black Quail

Logo laying on.

Before sending the product to its future path – it must be prepared for it. To do this, check its edges, and process them so that the product is ready for anything.

leather The Black Quail


We select the necessary fittings. If the leather is the skeleton, the basis for the product, then the accessories are the joints. That, without which the skeleton can not fulfill all its capabilities and responsibilities. We use only the highest quality fittings to make the product serve you for a long time.

leather The Black Quail

Installation of locks, zippers, rivets, magnets.

The product is sent to the sewing machine. All parts are stitched together as accurately as possible, so that it keeps its shape and can serve you faithfully! Now it takes on an almost finished look, and the matter remains small.

leather The Black Quail


Our journey comes to an end, it remains to bring the final touches! The product is polished – unruly leather fibers are removed, the product is given a neater appearance. Also at this stage it is checked for suitability before shipment, so that it performs all its functions!

leather The Black Quail


The product is ready, he needed to complete the last steps. The first is to the store, and the second is in your hands!

leather The Black Quail


We hope you were interested in getting to know the process that takes place every day in our Workshop. Products go an incredibly long way – but it’s worth it!