Belt bag – temporary trend or must have?

One of the main trends that emerged last year throughout the fashion-world is belt bags. Trendy thing, not losing its relevance either in winter or in summer. In an age when time moves at an incredible speed, it is very important that all the most necessary things are always at hand and not inconvenient. Therefore, this bag option is a great solution!

Light green bambeg

In our stores you can find this bag under the name – bambeg. The urgency of this bag, many of us daily check on their own experience. This bag is suitable not only for everyday wear, but also for long and short trips to the mountains or abroad. Also a significant advantage of this model – it is easy to combine.

Bambeg croco-embossed 

Be on trend with The Black Quail genuine leather belt bags! We are for waist bags! The cost of this model is 425.000 UZS.

We deliver worldwide. Plus, more recently, you can find a number of our products from our representative in Kazakhstan.

Our contacts: +998933932542, +998951981989, +998951460900.

Our instagram: @theblackquail.

Brown bambeg



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